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    Kushites Vegetable Cuisine has removed the monotony and boredom that can come with vegan dining. We serve a constantly changing menu that draws inspiration from flavours found globally while staying true to its African/Jamaican roots. By taking cues from traditional Rastafarian Ital cuisine and infusing it with imaginative plant-based recipes. Kushites ensures that your meals are always pleasing to your eyes and exciting to your palette.

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We provide food services at a remote site or a site such as a hotel, hospital, pub, aircraft, cruise ship, park, filming site or studio, an entertainment site, or event venue. Food to go for events of all sizes. Book now.

Personal Chef Services

Take the Kushites experience up a notch. Allow our head chef and his team to personalize your menu based on exactly what you want and serve you and your guest(s) at the location of your choice. Get a quote now.

Venue Rentals

The next best thing to our food is our beautiful location. Nestled in the lush and green Eden gardens the restaurant is beautifully decorated with a poolside view. Perfect for your private, family or corporate function.


Kushites Vegetable Cuisine is located in the Eden Gardens Wellness Resort in Kingston.Jamaica. The restaurant serves a constantly changing menu that draws inspiration from flavours found globally while staying true to its African/Jamaican roots. The combined experience of executive chef Kush Tafari and wife Keisha McDonald has served to breathe new life into Jamaica’s food scene. By taking cues from traditional Rastafarian Ital cuisine and infusing it with imaginative plant-based recipes, Kushites continues to deliver a culturally relevant fare that is pleasing to the eye and exciting to the palette.


I live in the USA and have had a plant-based diet since 1990. So, I have been to my share of vegan restaurants in San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Kansas City, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Miami, Washington DC, New York City…. you get the picture. I have eaten at numerous fine vegetarian restaurants. Kushite’s Vegetable Cuisine, however, is hands down one of the best vegan restaurants I have visited and probably my favourite. I like my meals with plenty of flavours…and I prefer fresh vegetables rather than meat analogues. Kushite’s meets and exceeds those needs. I highly encourage everyone regardless of diet to check out this wonderful business. One more thing, it is located at Eden Gardens Wellness Resort & Spa, a beautiful property that adds ambience to Kushite’s amazing dining experience.  

– Dennis Donovan Powell

Kushites is probably the best restaurant in Kingston (definitely for vegetarians, possibly overall). The depth of flavour the chef achieves in every meal I’ve bought there is phenomenal. The prices might not allow you to eat there every day, but generally aren’t bad especially if you go for the lunch specials. Highly recommend. I would eat there pretty much every day if I could.

– Dominique Lyew

One would guess being vegan in Jamaica is an easy option, considering this island perpetually provides us with a fresh assortment of herbs, fruits and vegetables. Occasionally going out to have a vegan meal is not so hard, but living a fully fledged vegan lifestyle starts with an endless list of challenges.

My vegan related questions to myself include:

1. How do I eat a freshly cooked meal without having to prepare it myself?

2. Am I able to eat out with family and friends?

3. Does a restaurant chef understand exactly what vegan means (especially in my case as a Sebi Vegan)?

The non-vegan world has an almost comical impression of what they believe is vegan food, and It is a difficult task to explain to everyone every day that I have a very specific list of foods that I eat and I eat nothing that falls outside of that list. I am forever grateful to the Entertainment Report team for introducing me to Kushites (imagine the odds considering I do not ever watch TV). I saw the Kushites feature on TVJ, visited the location the following week, which was at the time on Phoenix Avenue (a very long time ago). I met Makeda and Kush and we became good friends ever since (well, that’s how they made me feel).

They live the vegan lifestyle and they know the attention to detail necessary to maintain it. They take no shortcuts with health. They know the dietary meanings of Alkaline; Sebi; and Vegan.

The food at Kushites is: always the finest and most tasty; always well presented; always made from the freshest ingredients; always a treat. The price of vegan food, in general, may deter some from considering it a sustainable way to live, but the day will come when economies of scale will swing its affordability in our favour. Until then I think of it as giving myself nature’s intended nourishment, and there is absolutely no price on good health. I can vaguely remember ever having a need to visit a doctor outside of routine (knock on wood), and I think it has something to do with the lifestyle. There is more I could say but let me end with Cheers, to Kush and Makeda for keeping me electric.

I will always be your customer and friend. Thanks for everything.

Johan Ogilvie

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